About Me

Who is CPO?

I formally entered into the RC hobby in December 2012, after a very short stint of dabbling with toy-class coaxial RC helis. I thought it would be really fun to fly a toy helicopter like the guys in the mall, so I got one. Then… I got bored. I was born to do more than hover in the kitchen! I began to research to find out what more there was to know, and that’s when I watched someone fly a 3D heli for the first time on YouTube. It seemed unnatural and unreal, and immediately I knew I wanted to do *that*. My first purchase was a used copy of a Phoenix RC simulator and a Spektrum DX6i. Then I bought my first kit: a Tarot 450 Pro V2. The rest is history.

Since then, I have developed a niche in the hobby, posting YouTube videos of RC builds and reviews. In the summer of 2013, I started hosting Heli Hangouts every couple of weeks to get other RC heli builders and pilots together in a live video hangout. It’s been great! I’ve met some really cool people, and learn something each session. Eventually, I became interested in everything that flies; Airplanes, multirotors, helicopters. It doesn’t matter to me…I love them all. Every day in the hobby is an opportunity to learn something new. And I learn often. ;-) Just when I get comfortable as a pilot, I make a rookie mistake that teaches me a lesson. Right when I think I am an expert builder, I screw something up – and learn from it. Learning is part of the game, and I embrace it! I make an effort to share what I learn with others as often as I can.

I am active in many of the RC forums and social media. I also maintain this website that serves as a collection point for most everything I am up to.


What does “CPO” stand for?Well, my real name is Chris Poldervaart. I have gone by the nickname “cpo” since 2001.  What does “cpo” mean?  Chief Petty Officer? Nope?  Certified Pre-Owned? Nope.  Although that probably fits. : )

“CPO” actually came to be after a fun night out with my wife, “jpo”.  Confused yet?  Good. It’s working!  LOL!

We were going out for an anniversary dinner while out on a getaway weekend. She was dressed in this slinky dress and was looking totally hot. Jokingly, I said to her, “You’re pretty hot.  Hot like… J-LO.”  Yeah, Jennifer Lopez was pretty big back then, and of course was going by J-LO at the time. We laughed a bit, and my wife responded, “No… not J-LO, but J-PO!”  You see, her name is Jill. Get it now? Anyway… J-PO stuck, and somehow I became known as “cpo” (pronounced see-pee-oh — since see-po just sounds dumb). Pretty much all of my friends, co-workers, bosses, and employees have called me “cpo” every since.  Jill is sometimes still referred to as “jpo” and my son is “npo”. We’re a strange family…no doubt.


What about Cipioh?

Okay…so now that you have “cpo” figured out, what about the name “cipioh” that I use in the forums from time to time? Well, it’s simply my creative phonetic spelling of “cpo”. It’s pronounced exactly the same way.  I have to use that when a site won’t allow a three character user name.  So if you see that, you know why.



What happened to CPO Heli?

When I first got into the RC hobby, I was immediately drawn into the world that is radio controlled helicopters.  I got bit by the bug big time and hit the ground running.  I started doing build videos to share everything I was learning with other new folks to the hobby.  I just really enjoyed helping others, and specifically with areas that it seemed I had trouble with. Anyway, I became “cpo heli” in order brand my efforts there.  Eventually, however, my interests in the rc hobby began to evolve into more areas.  Within the first year, I went from building rc helicopters, to planes, including scratch built foamboard planes, and most recently multirotors. As I was going through my scratch build custom tricopter videos, I realized that “CPO Heli” was no longer properly descriptive of who I am.



That, my friends, is how “EVERYTHING CPO” came to be. I decided that “everything” properly describes my interests. I have a lot of interests and kick off a bunch of random projects here and there. From photography, to my latest interests in wet-shaving and straight razor honing and restoration, to developing a template and video on how to make a wallet from a priority mail envelope… I figure “everything” is the right term.  While most of my time is spent in RC endeavors, I will likely merge some of the other content into this site.  It will be a transition over time, but eventually I hope to have one place to manage my own content rather than several disconnected sites.

Well…this was probably a lot more than you wanted to know. If you read the whole thing, I thank you. That means you are genuinely interested in who I am.  And now you know…. the rest of the story.